Heroes & Horses 500 Mile Project

On January 3, 2017, Heroes and Horses (a non-profit 501c3 veteran rehabilitation program headed up by founder, Navy SEAL combat veteran Micah Fink) embarked on the first stage of what will be a 500-mile horse packing journey. The H/H Crew, accompanied by Montana State University Veterinarian Dr. Shannon Moreaux, H/H Veterans Program Director Mike Reilly (SEAL), Val Geisler, Russ Lewis, Chris Douglas, horse trainer Ramon Becerra and The Pursuit Society film crew traveled to Burns, Oregon, where H/H adopted 15 wild mustangs from the Oregon BLM. They will take these horses and put them through a rigorous gentling process in hopes of being able to integrate them into their current H/H herd and utilize them in the 3 Phase Heroes and Horses 2017 Program beginning in June 2017. The horses will be paired up in the program with 17 combat veterans searching for clarity and purpose.

500 Miles Project will be documenting the amazing progression of these horses as they transition into their new lives, and find a new purpose while helping those striving to do the same.

Jim Krantz Projects is proud to support the Heroes & Horses 500 Mile Project and will donate a portion of the proceeds from The Way of the West Collection.

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